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We help you manage

We specialize in guiding the transformation of skills, offering comprehensive services to help you identify, nurture, and optimize the potential of your workforce.

Skills Development,

Intelligent Enterprise Skill Planning Framework from Striverra will raise the level of skill development inside organizations. We're building an unparallel, industry-leading, solution that will boost your business's skill transformation initiatives to develop Skills of the Future.


The way businesses approach talent development will change significantly with the arrival of Striverra.

Building the

Create a talent development plan that augments corporate strategy.

  • Organizational goals and strategy

  • Skill gaps analysis

  • Employee job roles and responsibilities

  • Leadership development

  • Budget and resource allocation

  • Learning platforms and technologies

Build a workforce that is agile, skilled, and ready to tackle challenges in a rapidly changing business environment.

Skill Development Maturity Model

Elevate your organization's skill development maturity with Striverra's 'intelligent Enterprise Skill Management' framework. Fueled by cutting-edge technology, our platform will integrate best in class skill development resources, automating the entire value stream from needs-assessment to fulfillment.

Skill Development Maturity Graphic.jpg


  • Ad-hoc skill development efforts.

  • Limited structure and strategy.

  • Reactive response to immediate needs.



  • Introduction of formal skill development programs.

  • Clear objectives and defined processes.

  • Initial alignment with organizational goals.



  • Systematic approach to skill development.

  • Monitoring and measurement of skill initiatives.

  • Integration with HR and organizational planning.



  • Continuous improvement culture.

  • Data-driven decision making.

  • Advanced technologies for personal development.



  • Pioneering approaches to skill development

  • Proactive anticipation of future skills.

  • Agile response to industry and tech changes.

Transformation Imperatives

Leadership and Culture

Process and People


Insights to Advance

Introducing Our Team

We bring a diverse blend of skills in corporate learning, technology, design, and spearheading large-scale transformations. As forward-thinking innovators sharing a common vision, we're committed to catalyzing a revolutionary shift in enterprise skill development.

Saket Gradient OW.png

Saket Swadesh


& Co-founder

Brian Gradient OW.png

Brian D'souza


& Co-founder

Mujib Gradient OW.png

Mujibur Rahman

Technical Director

& Co-founder

Kishen Gradient OW.png

Kishen Cariappa

Creative Director

& Co-founder

Unveiling Innovation Soon!

Striverra's 'intelligent Enterprise Skill Management' platform is in progress. We're working diligently to bring you an exceptional solution. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our revolutionary platform.

Interested to know more, explore collaboration opportunities.

Thank you for your patience.

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