Skill Development Platform
Empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce by connecting businesses with top-tier L&D providers, driving growth and success through cutting-edge learning solutions.
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Unveiling the Skill Transformation Platform

Striverra Plan

A strategic tool for organizations to craft and implement tailored L&D strategies, aligning talent development with business objectives.

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Striverra Marketplace

A vibrant hub connecting corporate learners with premier L&D providers, offering diverse educational resources for professional growth.

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Striverra Insight

An analytics platform providing insights on L&D effectiveness, helping organizations optimize strategies and measure talent development ROI.

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Striverra Seller

A platform for L&D providers to market their services to a global audience, enhancing reach and engagement with corporate learners and organizations.

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Your Learning Ecosystem

Skill transformation is the new competitive advantage, and your catalyst to organizational success. We’re the most experienced AI-powered skill development platform, making L&D integration a faster, more efficient reality.


Personalized career development planning and skill acquisition for employees.


Connecting organizations with top-tier L&D resources and services.


Powerful analytics to measure skill gaps, progress, and ROI.

Upskill Your Workforce
with Precision and Agility

Accelerate your organization's skill development journey with our AI-powered platform. Access a vast array of curated L&D resources, tailored to your unique needs, and empower your employees to reach their full potential.

With Striverra, you can:

- Identify and close critical skill gaps
- Align training initiatives with your strategic objectives
- Provide personalized learning paths for every employee
- Measure the impact of your L&D investments with robust analytics
- Streamline the procurement and management of training solutions

Transform your workforce into a competitive advantage with Striverra's cutting-edge skill development ecosystem.

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Striverra stands ready to revolutionize the realm of talent development. Through our platform, we seamlessly link corporate learners with leading L&D providers, leveraging AI to tailor skill enhancement. We bridge a significant market void by providing scalable solutions for professional progression.


To empower individuals and organizations worldwide by providing a centralized platform for talent and skill development, ensuring access to quality learning resources and opportunities for professional growth.


To become the world’s leading talent and skill development marketplace, where millions of corporate learners and L&D service providers connect, creating a vibrant ecosystem for lifelong learning and career advancement.


Accessibility: Make premier L&D resources accessible to a global audience, breaking down barriers to professional development.

Quality Education: Curate a platform of high-quality learning materials and service providers to meet diverse educational needs.

Community Engagement: Foster a community where learners, educators, and organizations can share knowledge and grow together.

Innovation and Growth: Drive continuous innovation in the L&D sector, ensuring the platform evolves with the changing landscape of education and professional development.

Ready to Supercharge Your Learning Ecosystem?

Consult with one of our skill development experts and start driving organizational growth with AI-powered talent transformation.

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Meet the Team

CEO & Co-founder

Saket Swadesh

COO & Co-founder

Brian D’souza

Technical Director & Co-founder

Mujibur Rahman

Creative Director & Co-founder

Kishen Cariappa

Data Science Director & Co-Founder

Abhishek R


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